About Us - the people behind this site

All of us involved in this site freely give our time and expertise as this is something we enjoy doing. We also believe the end result is something valuable for Norwich and Norfolk and which we hope will encourage more people to visit our churches to experience at first hand the beauty of this wonderful heritage of glass. We work closely with the Norwich Historic churches Trust but extend into Norfolk where there is a huge variety of very high quality medieval and more modern glass.

Frances portraitFrances Holmes does all of the research and writes up the naratives for the churches and the windows. From knowing nothing of stained glass a year ago Frances is now a self confessed stained glass snob. She especuially loves the medieval angels (preferably with feathers) but is very selective in her choice of Victorian glass.

Frances can be contacted via email at: frances@cringleford.com

Mike Dixon portrait Mike Dixon takes the photographs. In a previous life Mike specialised in motor sports photo journalism and still actively participates as a race marshall. The stained glass may not move so quickly as Formula 1 but is sometimes just as difficult to capture.

If any photographs are required for educational or similar uses Mike is happy to provide higher definition versions but clearly will not authorise any commercial use of his work.

Mike can be contacted via email at: mikedixon7@lineone.net

Michael portrait

Mike Holmes does the techy bits on the web site. After a long career in IT it is odd that he finds doing web sites relaxing. However, the advanced features now available makes this media an excellent means of displaying the beauty of the glass in most cases with greater clarity of detail than is possible with the naked eye.

Mike can be contacted via email at: michael@cringleford.com

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