Braun and Hogenbergs Hoefnagles plan 1581
The 1558 William Cuningham map of Norwich viewed from the west is the earliest surviving complete printed map of a provincial town.
Cuningham map 1558

This map is a wonderful resource which gives a detailed view of Tudor Norwich - a time of reformation, revolt and fire. It is a remarkable artefact - even more so because despite the passage of time a number of the buildings pictured still grace the City's skyline. Tap the icon to discover more and see an annotated map with a 'zoomify' facility which magnifies the exquisite detail. In the top right-hand corner of the map use the 'landmark location' search to discover specific features.

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Our very favourite Norwich map. Take a journey back in time and discover the streets of Victorian Norwich
Norwich O/S map around 1884
This incredibly detailed map was made by the O/S in the 1880s It not only shows plans of the buildings but also their gardens. We generally refer to this map as the Norwich 1884 O/S map and you will see that we use it extensively. There is no index to this map. By clicking/tapping the icon you will go directly to the zoomify map which you can zoom into and out of as well as moving around using the cursor.
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Use our search facility to locate Norwich's old courts and yards on the 1884 map.
Lamb Yard Ber Street Norwich

This is our most frequently accessed map. Clicking/tapping the button takes you to a simple search page where you can search for a yard or street. This can be used (maybe in conjunction with a census) to find where your family once lived.

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Back to the 1884 map where we have indexed hundreds of pubs and brewery buildings
Signwriters at Steward and Patteson's brewery in 1960

In 1884 there were around 400 pubs in the central area of norwich (compared to around 60 today). These have been indexed and can be found on the 1884 map using zoomify to navigate around and zoom in and out. In most cases we link to the wonderful Norfolk Pubs website for historical details of the licensed premises.

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