Bauchon Chapel window of Norwich Anglican Cathedral

This 1964 window was designed by Moira Forsyth and made by Dennis King of G King & Son. The window given in honour of Julian of Norwich is in memory of Harriet Mabel Campbell (1874 - 53)

The tracery lights contain angels (some playing musical instruments) flanking a cross proclaiming "Pax." The main lights depict Julian of Norwich, unusually dressed as a Benedictine nun, together with another eleven Benedectine Saints and other personages. Not only are characters usefully named but they are also shown in narrative scenes thus Herbert de Losinga is depicted with Norwich Cathedral in the background. The Benedectine mottoes "Ora et Labora" (Pray and work) and "Ut in omnibus glorificatur" (God may be golorified in all things) are also quoted.

Moira Forsyth (1905 - 91) began her career modelling ceramics. Whilst studying at the Royal College of Art she changed to working with glass. For many years she worked at the celebrated Glass House in Fulham. Her pieces can be found in prestigious locations including : Guildford Cathedral and Eton College Chapel